Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Democratic Healthcare

Enough is enough. I am sitting here with thousands of dollars to contribute to the DNC, DSCC and DCCC, yet all this in fighting over the healthcare reform is troubling me. I am outraged that there are Democrats that are against the public option. I always felt that Democrats worked for the little guy, regardless of special interest. As a life-long Democrat I have held what I call Democratic values. First and foremost is the value of integrity, being one’s word! When President Obama said he was for a public option to keep the Insurance Industry honest, I believed him. He simply placed three basic principles for the reform and allowed for honest solutions to obtain them. Now however, it appears that other Democrats are eroding those principles by caving into the Republican rhetoric and misinformation campaign.

I have news for those Democrats that do not get behind the President and majority of the Democratic Party. Be prepared to be voted out in November next term. I spent much time and money campaigning for Obama and other Democratic leaders in the last election. That will dry up if I feel they are going in the wrong direction. I have no self interest in the reform; in fact it could even hurt my wife, who is a medical transcriptionist, in the long run. It is simply a matter of doing what is right for the less fortunate in our nation. I have been homeless and laid off at least 5 times in my life. Although I am doing rather well now, I cannot forget the past or the stories of those I encountered along the way. I am a Democrat because I choose not to support the selfish and dysfunctional tactics of the Republican Party. Nor do I believe in the cynical and non-productive criticism of the Independents, who do not deliver a reasonable resolution.

By giving into the media blitz of the special interest lobbyist and compromising on campaign pledges, the Democrats only destroy all they built in the last election. I travel for my work and encounter many diverse groups. I do not know where you people get your information, but 8 out of 10 people I speak with are for healthcare reform with a public option. The elderly are scared because they are told lies pure and simple. The elderly and poor are relying on us Democrats to do the right thing regardless of the popularity of it. After all, slavery taught us that just because an idea is popular; it does not mean it is right!

I am going home this weekend to address this issue, and make out checks to the DNC, DSCC and DCCC, but I am only going to donate $100 each. If you can demonstrate some reasonable progress on passing a bill with the public option that satisfies President Obama’s initial principles and gets the so called Blue Dog Democrats back in line with the majority of the Democratic Party, then I will seriously consider contributing an additional $900 each. If not, then I will have to find those individuals that shall and step up their campaigns.


James Alan Cole