Saturday, March 19, 2005


It amazes me how cruel and wreckless people can be. I have been a world traveler; veteran submarine sailor; student of philosophy, politics, art, history, business, economics, sociology, real estate, technology, and religion; yet all I have learned seems utterly useless in these trying times. This blog is perhaps a way to release my dissatisfaction with the garbage that I continuously here from the Neo-conservative arm of the Republican Party.

As a traveler I have had many friends from all spectrums of life, rich or poor, conservative or liberal, families and singles, religous and atheist, as well as American and foreign. It is essential that I set the record straight for the less informed in this wonderful world of ours. I don't not want to appear condesending, for I have had a few friends that were mentally handicapped, slow or just plain different than some of us. It always angered me when people would put them down or make fun of them. Although I am a religous man, I understand why some are not. When people who claim to be religous belittle any of God's creations, whether man, woman, teenager, child or animal it is abominable. Perhaps it makes them feel better about themselves, but most mature people realize the error of such logic. When I do critique the issue, individual, or policy and use someones title or name, I do so as a matter of convenience and not to attack the individual. I believe we all deserve respect as human beings, unfortunately some of us are deeply misguided.

Therefore, I have chosen to offer the wisdom of my years, education and experience to actively debate and dispell some of the myths, lies, propaganda, and/or rhetoric that is circulating in the modern media.

I am deeply disturbed by the current activities that have attacked the integrity of the lower and middle classes in this country. Likewise, the Church has become a political pawn in a wicked game that is lead by a whited sepulcher. Too many people are quick to judge and slow to forgive. As a nation I see too much celebration of our divisions and too little acceptance of our diversity. Since when did the right to dissent become an unpatriotic act? Turning a blind eye to the people and decisions that govern us only invites fascism. Why are we giving more rights to the corporation and less to the individual? When did China become a Capitalist country, is it not Communist? Could it be possible that they will overthrow our country without a single shot fired? Are we for sale?

Invite any and all readers to my blog. I will entertain any reasonable discussion as long it is handled with respect, dignity and fairness. I will not respond to insults or idiotic banter of anyone that does not illustrate a reasonable argument devoid of strong unsubstaniated opinion. Reasonable and polite opinion is always welcome.

Alan Cole

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