Friday, June 10, 2005

On Howard Dean

I can respect Howard Dean's passion and exuberance, but question his tactics and ability to articulate the ideals of the Democratic Party. Perhaps it is time to question the direction and leadership of the Democratic Party from a Republican critique. Only then will we meet the challenges of the next campaign year.

I somewhat disagree with Howard's tactics personally. We do need a voice, and a strong one. But we should not lower ourselves to the same idiotic banter that the Republicans and people like Rush Limbaugh have been using, it lacks character. Anyone can make generalizations and use name calling. First off, not all all Republicans are lazy, anymore than all poor people are on welfare because they are lazy. It is just an assinine statement. We should carefully choose our words when our anger subsides. Not let anger dictate our platform. Personally I feel these type of politicians appear stupid and ignorant, and lack the wit and articulate ability to make their point.

With that said, I do believe calling president Bush a liar as Harry Reid has done is qualified because the evidence is overwhelming. He called John Kerry wishy-washy and a flip-flopper during the presidential campaign, but if you compare his actions to his campaign promises he has flipped on several issues. Like tax code reform, homeland security, and the environment, to mention a few.

Personally I liked the language Barrack Obama was speaking during his Senatorial run in Illinois. He was much more moderate in tone and spoke to the values most perceive as Americans. He seemed to remind me of another President long past, John F. Kennedy.

Although I like Hillary Clinton, it appears the Republicans like Hillary too! They seem to be the ones pushing her presidential run. My feeling is that they already have a strategy for her bid and are confident they could beat her. Especially the Christians that believe women do not head the household. We need to be careful about being sucked into the Republican game. We need to take our own direction and address the issues on fact, not fantasy and emotion. Let us concede that the Republicans won on moral issues, and challenge them on what is truly moral! Taking money and opportunity away from the poor and elderly is not my family value. Additionally, what family does the Republican platform represent? How many families actually fit the nuclear family model? Let us not argue the question, let's reframe the question. After all, who was better at answering a question with another question than Jesus himself? As a Christian and a Liberal, I challenge the Right's interpretation of Christianity, and I am not alone!

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