Friday, September 17, 2010

Fools Paradise

Americans are blinded by their own foolishness. Many of us cast votes for public office based on issues that are close to our personal emotions or immediate needs, without consideration for objectivity or malice. We are blinded by our economic woes and spiritual passions. We foolishly accept the rhetoric of the extremist or alarmist and fail to take time to challenge their claims or investigate the sources. It is obvious in the current political climate, with the volatile rhetoric and dogma that is being spewed forth from most conservatives and certain Tea Party members, that much of the nations anger will decide the mid-term elections.

The consequences of venting their anger at the polls unfortunately will only produce the opposite of what they truly seek; jobs, stable economy, less government, and liberty.

Many American voters are blinded by their own patriotism which paralyzes their thought process and makes it numb to any idea beyond their perception of traditional American values. Many tout that the U.S. Constitution limits the scope of government, and they perceive that government can only interfere with the free markets. To be free to make a profit on the sweat of any sucker that is willing to pay any price for any product they may be able to produce, in any manner they see fit. Any regulation required for the safety and security of the consumer is a personal front to their right to be an entrepreneur. If people are willing to make uninformed, unwise, or risky decisions, then it is an American right to take advantage. Further, if regulation shall be required, then it must be so complicated and so ambiguous that it effectively confounds the consumer to a level that requires further legal counsel and intervention to detour any notion of recourse.

As one that has been politically and spiritually engaged in the American dream my whole life, I find it very interesting that these people that denounce our government are the same ones that take advantage of it when it is personally beneficial. They privately complain about people that file bankruptcy due to loss of employment, but publicly have no qualm about filing bankruptcy themselves to save their own corporation's or business from failing. They claim they support religious freedom on one hand, yet they also claim it is a Christian nation on the other. They scream that the government is too big and overreaching, yet they have no problem taking a government contract to make a large profit. They are so transparent that it make one wonder how they continue to grab power and stack the rules in their favor.

Wonder no more! We Americans are simply fools.

Only fools would watch George W. Bush sign into law the deregulation of the banking industry, change the bankruptcy rules, and propose that social security be allowed to invested into the stock market, then elect him in a second term. Only fools would watch the Republican Party borrow and spend more money in six years than all previous congresses combined, then blame the failure of the economy on the Democrats. Only fools would believe the conservative rhetoric that the President of the United States is not a U.S. citizen and is a Muslim. Only fools would believe that the Tea Party is a diverse group of American voters with the best interest of all Americans at heart, in the name of Liberty, Jobs, and Patriotism.

Yet I do not tarry or worry because I know most are fools, and it is easy to predict the inevitable outcome. Therefore I am no fool and can take advantage of our foolishness.

I predicted fairly accurately the failure of our economy and moved all my personal wealth out of the stock market on October 7th, 2007 after several years of warning the banks, coworkers, family and friends. I can also predict that the fools will vote out the Democrats who have averted a great depression which potentially could still be 100 times worse than the 1930's, because it is global via the Internet. I can predict that the fools will repeat everything they did in the 1930's and prolong the agony for many unnecessary years.

One may ask how I can predict such a doomsday scenario? Easy, we have learned nothing from the past. Why? Perhaps it has much to do with the true nature of Capitalism unchecked. The same environment that existed prior to 1929 (Free Markets) is the motivating force today. The same type of people that were living beyond their means in the roaring twenty's also exist today. The same critics of the status quo when it all came undone, also exist today. The same people that believed in survival of the fittest also exist today. Finally, the same fools that believed them and took the bait also exist today.

One thing is for certain. People are easily manipulated by their personal values. Religion, work ethics, morality, patriotism, greed and fear makes most voters vulnerable to those that want to fool them into a false sense of resolve.

The simple facts are that many conservatives have rationalized that it is best for all Americans to allow Capitalism not government to determine our destiny. That greed is good and government is bad. That money is not the root of all evil, but Liberal compassion somehow is.

I personally welcome the coming storm. Only then will God's wrath and subsequent grace be know. The only tragedy that shall be hard to bear is the children that shall suffer because of it.

May God be merciful to the children.

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